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Healthcare Providers & Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

As a healthcare provider, you are already aware of the widespread prevalence of strokes, heart attacks and diabetes. It’s very likely that you have treated patients who have personally experienced an event.

This situation is especially troublesome when a person who seems to be the picture of fitness suffers a sudden loss of health. Or worse, a heart attack or stroke takes their life. When identified risk factors are not present, we are left wondering why did this happen?

The Bale/Doneen Method plays an important role in cardiovascular disease prevention. The Method will explain how  such tragedy can be avoided -- not only for your patients, but also in your own life and in the lives of your loved ones. Our research and treatment outcomes show heart attacks, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes — a closely related condition — can be prevented.

Are you a healthcare provider interested in receiving training in the Bale/Doneen Method? Click here to learn about the Bale/Doneen Method. Read our patient's case studies to discover how the Bale/Doneen Method has helped our patients and may help you recognize risk factors and identify proper cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment for your own patients.

To learn more about our preceptorship courses for healthcare providers click here. The Bale/Doneen Course is comprehensive and world renowned in the realm of cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment.